Snow Day Message - English Department

All S1-3 classes should complete personal reading and log this on the reading record attached.  



Senior classes should take this opportunity to work on outstanding folio pieces and to revise.  There are multiple revision resources available on the school website as well as elsewhere online.  Scholar is an excellent resource and has plenty of revision sources.  BBC Bitesize is an excellent resource for poetry revision for Higher and National 5 classes. Please do not hesitate to contact your teacher on GLOW if you need further advice. 



Individual teachers have uploaded resources to the homework section of the website. 


Mrs Mark's Classes -  


S1 complete Pre Reading and De coding notes. You can access the short story we have been working on through a google search. Please complete a full summary of the text and use the time to get up to date with homework tasks and notes. 


S2 the personal writing unit is in S2 of the homework section. Please revise and make notes on the skills we have used. You can also work on your personal essay and any outstanding homework.



S3 please ensure reading homework is up to date. You can work on a short story which focuses on our theme of ‘Crime and Punishment’ or complete your research on how crime and punishment has changed over the years. 


All classes should be completing 10 minutes of personal reading per day. 



Miss MacDonald's classes are reminded homework will be collected on our return and should be completed ready for this.



Mr Power's S3-S6 classes should check their glow emails and Teams for the work  he would like you to complete. 



Mrs Moore's senior phase classes should check their emails for returned, marked folio pieces that have been submitted. 



Any classes with outstanding homework are reminded that this should be completed and ready for submission when we return. 

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