Sports Star Awards

Congratulations to all of this month's Sports Stars! A special mention to those who have been chosen by two teachers! 


Miss Campbell

S1 - Laurie Elliot

S2 - Emma Bennett

S3 - Ellie Foster

S4 - Eilidh Calder

S5 - Roseanne Sneddon


Miss Riddell

S1 - Niamh Lumsden

S2 - Kyle McKay

S3 - Hannah Robertson

S3 - Ashleigh Heggie


Miss Evans

S1 - Piper Law

S2 - Olivia Gillespie

S3 - Jamie Stephenson

S4 - Mattie Krysinski


Mr Croser

S1 - Jack Smith

S2 - Zoe Dunn

S2 - Liam Massie

S3 - Ashleigh Heggie


Mr Yardley

S1 - Casey Van Rooyen

S1 - Erin Duncan

S3 - Jennifer Irvine

Sports Leaders - Jemma Gilbertson & Gabrielle McClymont


Mr Robertson

S1 - Lucas Woodhead

S3 - Jennifer Irvine

S3 - Rachel Smith

S5 - Erin Fairley

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